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Orange autumn treats

Orange is the color of autumn, and is associated with healthy food. It is said that this color leads people to think about food because it stimulates hunger. read more

Body Boost

Flying nvl article

Woman of the XXI century! Are you REALLY aware of your power?

Whatever your experience might be as a woman, I believe we were all born with an extra gear and that Nature has gifted us with many extra tools which some of us probably forget to use or are unaware of. read more

  • I am also a SURVIVOR of domestic violence

    domestic violence edDomestic violence is an experience which affect millions of women all over the world every day. When it happens, it leaves scars which are not only physical, but also deeply mentally damaging. Read Naomi's story of how she survived domestic violence and gained strength from sharing her experience. read more

  • “Depression” by Katrina Smith-Jackson

    Katrina Smith-Jackson NVL article edit1As wonderful as it has been to see the world of social media step up and voice opinions of mental health awareness, deep down I cannot help but feel a concern over the fact that the social stigma over depression still remains. read more

  • Removing the Depression Mask

    robin williamseditI am so sick to death of people having to mask their issues because we live in a society that promotes a false positive attitude. I am also sick to death of this perception that we have to “be strong and smile through it all... read more


Editor’s Word’s
Go for gold!
Go for gold!
I suppose the rain and fresh dose of cold weather has confirmed that winter is officially here! However, I refuse to let the blues set in this year. I have my eye on a S.A.D light for when it gets dark and depressing and I intend on keeping myself busy and positive. October has set in, Christmas is around the more...
September’s Mantra: Be Bold and Fearless
Hello to all the readers of NVLife Magazine. Welcome all of the empowered people living NV-able lives, who have joined in the conversation by commenting, writing in and subscribing. It’s such a pleasure to be able to provide this platform for those who need to be inspired as well as those who have something to offer the world in terms more...
NVLife at African Fashion Week London
NVLife at African Fashion Week London
African Fashion Week London is a spectacular showcase of Africa’s emerging fashion designers and also an opportunity to be amazed by rich diversity in artistic craft and talent. Since its first debut in 2011, the event has obtained much recognition. Last week NVLIfe Magazine Editor- Nasilele (Who is from Zambia and loves all things arty and African inspired) had the more...


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