Our mission has always been to empower, inspire and inform. We want you to ‘NV’ your life, so that others can too! We encourage you to strive towards happiness, great health, success, having a good heart and a balanced attitude- ‘NV’ that’!

About NVL

Most of you know that NV Life Magazine has been around for a little while. We disappeared back in 2012 for a little while, due to some issues with our investors. Fortunately, we never gave up and we are now back, with a bigger, stronger and healthier than ever! We are totally holistic too!

We started our journey in 2010 entering the online world as an entertainment’s forum- which was fun and gained us a beautiful following, but we realised that our readers needed more than news about the latest fashions, what’s new in the charts and so on! We knew that the name ‘NV Life’ carries so much meaning and impact. So during the time we’ve been away, NVL creators have been busy brainstorming and thinking up ways we which we could truly, convey our message to all of our readers.  It’s simply really, NV LIFE means just that- to NV YOUR LIFE!

Our intentions

NV Life is an ethos that we want as many people to carry with them because it represents positivity, health, wealth, prosperity, happiness- every component that creates a life that not only YOU can envy but one that others can envy too!

At NVLifemagazine.com, we hope to be your trusted source for any information related to overall health and wellness. From nutrition, fitness,  mind, spiritual and emotional being, it is our commitment to provide you with the most well researched and relevant articles to empower you!

It is our wish that every single one of you can find a way to

Be Empowered

Be Inspired

Be NV-ied!


NVLife magazine offers verifiable, expert content in wellness and lifestyle categories that aims to inform and empower.

Some of our content:

–          Researched, engaging features provided by field experts and freelance writers

–          Practical, solution focused short form content provided by field experts and freelance writers

–          Relatable, knowledgeable editors who interact with personality, soul and a desire to engage the community.

It is our belief that in order to truly live an NV-able life, we must adapt healthier, more positive ways to do so.  The very essence of life is manufactured from our health as well as our wealth- and we believe our health iS our wealth. You will therefore find many useful ways to many of your questions answered in the many different topics we will cover.


NVLife Magazine believes that creating strong connections is the key to carrying information to as wide an audience as possible. We also serve as a platform for writers, health, fitness, yoga, nutrition and many other experts in the community to connect, inform and inspire. We encourage your contributions and we wish to promote your services right here on our website.

For more information, please contact the editor at editor@nvlifemagazine.com


Currently NVLife is pleased to expand our ever-growing team and include field experts from associated backgrounds to help us to keep readers empowered, informed and inspired.  Contributing to our site as an expert is a great way to expand your own clientele and boost your own online presence. By connecting with us, we not only promote YOU but also increase your own followers.

For more information, please contact the editor at editor@nvlifemagazine.com



NVLife Magazine is pleased to offer custom solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand.  Advertiser opportunities include media placement, sponsored programs, branded content integration and interactive tools.


For more information, or to advertise with us, please contact the editor  at editor@nvlifemagazine.com