EVENT REVIEW|Extraordinary Individuals Talk Conference- 6th of September 2014

Do you have a business or service and would like to put it out there? Well here is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for you! This  extraordinary event will provide every exhibitor with 2 minutes to speak about the benefits of their business/product/service and attract the audience during the break.

lift effects speakers1lift effects speakers3lift effects speakers2Attending Speakers: Ferdinard Lawson, Malakh Zebulun, Genevieve Muwana, Chris Odili, Onyi Anyado, Sarah Arrow, Keji Giwa, Eda Hardy, Opy Onas, Kevin Arrow, Anne Arouna, Gabriella Guglue Mindt.

This event is designed to promote Ideas, dreams, visions, aspirations, talents and as well as support and sponsor initiatives for good causes.


Extraordinary Individuals will be speaking on different many issues like never before, these speakers were nominated to speak because of their passion and work they have done to change lives and impact our world. They are indeed extraordinary individuals with so much passion, commitment and persistence in them. Their words will cause you to rise and do something or even do more.


Why Should I attend this Conference?


  • There is a transformation that takes place when you attend any LiftEffects conference because of the words from each of the speakers
  • This conference is known to  create Career, business, networking opportunities as well as offers opportunity to exhibit your services to a diverse audience
  • It supports good causes and gives platform to speakers who are so passionate about making the world better than they met it.
  • It is a conference  of insight,passion, commitment, determination and persistence
  •  Networking will change your life and will get you doing something and is not like meeting people on a daily basis is different because you will hear stories of where they all started, the obstacles they faced and where they are now.
  • There is always a fantastic atmosphere words cannot describe what usually happens to you, your career, your plans and you as a person but you just have to be there to experience it.
  • Is a Conference of Hope and you will see and hear many things that just tells you IT IS POSSIBLE.
  • Standard ticket is £15 online and £20 on the day


  • Visit our Facebook page or website for more information


  • Call 07960161173 or 07828812498


  • Email  lifteffects@hotmail.com


  • Please bring your ticket along with you



To register and attend extraordinary individual speaks conference, all you have to do is click on the link below.



Time and Date: 11am on the 6th of Sept. 2014

Venue address: Jury Inn hotel, Croydon CR0 1TR

It can only get better! The theme is “THE NEXT LEVEL”. What is the next level for you ? Hosted by LiftEffects.



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