Mental Health|Another natural treatment for depression: Sesame seeds

There is so much information available about how to treat depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses with the right food. Once you understand the wide range of options on offer among fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, you may decide treating your mental illness (or other illnesses) with a pill is a less desirable option.

The sesame seed is only one, of many seeds which contain a range of good nutrients which aid the mind, body, as well as the spirit.

Although the sesame seed is an ancient seed, that has been known to man for around 5000 years, some people may only recognise it as something that is rather decoratively sprinkled on the top of a burger bun.

Here’s what you should be looking for in the supermarkets!


Buying sesame seeds in bulk is also cost effective and they can be stored for long periods of time.

These tiny, little seeds are incredibly powerful because they are packed with life enriching minerals, such as Phosophorous, Lecithin, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, zinc and vitamin E.  This long list of nutrients possess anti-inflammatory effects; they also help to treat other illnesses aside from depression, such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, infant mortality, multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis.

Ayuverdic physicians have found a range of ailments which can be treated with a range of home remedies containing sesame; which up until recently, were not only widely used in Westernisd areas of the world.  Both natural healers and scientist alike have concluded that people who suffer from depression may also possess low levels of essential amino acid threonine, as well as zinc and iron. By putting more of these essential nutrients into your body, you can help improve your mood.

Sesame seeds also contain high levels of tryptophan and methionine, important precursors to mood-improving neurochemicals. Whilst strong lithium and benzo filled anti-depressants may cause side effects such as lethargy, decreased sex drive and increased weight gain, it is fair to agree that a healthy alternative such as the friendly sesame seed may be worth a try. These seeds are superb agents in boosting sexual health because of the amount of zinc they contain. It may not be a shock to read that the top food containing this nutrient is the oyster – a well known aphrodisiac for many and the only rival to the sesame seed when looking for this essential mineral.  Another great thing about adding a healthy seed to your diet is that you can be assured that it will never affect your energy levels in a negative way – if anything the benefits of sesame whether used as a seed or as an oil are far too many to summarise.

There are also several ways you can welcome sesame seeds into your life;- either through your diet or into beauty regime!

Sesame seeds come in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes and are one of the best food sources of nutrients to boost mood levels.

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Add them to Granola, sprinkle them on steamed vegetables, stir-fry’s, salads, stews, soups. Recipes can be found:

Add sesame oil to your beauty regime and look good too!

As well as making you feel better inside, sesame has tons of beauty benefits too and looking good will ultimately add to you feeling better overall. Applying Sesame oil to the skin does wonders as a moisturiser, whilst also treating a range of disorders such as stretch marks, rashes and itchy skin.  Ancient Ayuverdic uses include treating the teeth and making a paste to cleanse the face daily. Homemade treatments with the use of sesame oil can be found can be found:


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