EDITOR’S REVIEW|NOVEMBER: Month of Super Abundance Grace

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November has kicked in and everybody has been raving about a very interesting  and thought provoking book. Super Abundance Grace BOOK2

This book is the very reason nvlife have declared November the month of ‘Super Abundance Grace!’ Read this month’s editor’s blog as Nasilele reveals her take on this this sensational and life changing book.  Please be warned; the effects of this book were very intense. It has therefore been slit into a few parts which will been posted in steps for you to read and follow this real and personal testimony….



When Sandra Nelson asked me to review her book, she was very direct. She said, “I want YOU to do it.”

I had no idea why she wanted me of all people to read her book ‘Super Abundance Grace.” How on earth could this book help me?

However, I decided to pack away the doubts and trust the Deaconess’s instructions to read the book and say the special prayers she had written at the end. I now realise that what she was in fact asking me to do was put my faith in God. After working myself into the ground, praying, crying and asking “when will my blessing come?” the one thing I had not been doing was putting my trust into God.

It has been a few weeks since I last saw Sandra Nelson and since then I have been studying the topic of ‘grace’ very carefully. I have also been observing and feeling the magnificent blessing of ‘grace in abundance’ within my life. Give thanks!

I understand now that the very reason that the Deaconess chose to give me a copy of her book to read is because she could feel the need for me to feel God’s Love and grace in my life.

When I tell you how hard my year has been you will not believe me! Before I met Deaconess Sandra Nelson, my life was literally hanging together by threads. My faith and belief in myself, let alone in God’s love for me was wavering in the midst of all the doom and gloom that I was facing.

The winds of financial despair were bringing me down, burdens from the past had my heart so torn and I was finding it hard to let go and forgive….

I had attended the Esther Conference and other empowering events that were run through Sandra’s organisation; Lifteffects, so I quickly learned  Sandra Nelson’s message which was that ‘I was not alone or unloved.‘ For no matter what troubles may come, putting my faith into believing in something and better was coming would renew my hope. She didn’t go into much detail but I knew she was talking about God. She was asking me to reach out for God’s love. As she had so kindly spent time counselling me on the telephone, and healing my heart with her words at her Lift Effects events, I felt the only way to repay her, was to oblige her request and read her book; ‘Super Abundance Grace.’

Before I read ‘Super Abundance Grace,’ my finances were in such disarray that I could feel my business and my home slipping between my fingers.  I was not facing financial crisis because of not working hard. In fact for over six months since I first started my business I have been working my fingers to the bone; day and night to get it off the ground. I started my business with a few of my scraped together savings.

Going self employed meant that generating profit, whilst managing rent and bills was harder than I anticipated. To make matters worse, the financial support that I was entitled to was not coming through. I had been waiting for months and months for my business to pay off! I was tired of waiting to be reimbursed by various friends who still owe me money and other benefits from the department of social security. My bank balance was screaming “you have nothing left.”

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A lady of many talents, not only is Sandra Nelson a qualified linguist (BA Linguistics),she is also a well established financial adviser (at a leading UK bank), a certified business analyst , a wonderful wife,a mother of two, an author of bestselling book “The Giant within Us”, transformational speaker,as well as a minister and the founder of LIFTEFFECTS.

For more information about Lift Effects events please visit the Facebook page where you can access Sandra directly or read the latest reviews of her  latest book; Super Abundance Grace.


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