Eucalytus oil

30ml Eucalyptus essential oil, Blue Gum


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Product Description

Latin Name. Eucalyptus globulus


This tall evergreen tree can grow upwards of 90 metres (most range between 30-55 metres), and is a native to Australia and Tasmania although it is now cultivated in a number of countries around the world. Many people will be familiar with the use of eucalyptus to maintain healthy breathing and sinuses. The refreshing aroma of eucalyptus oil is also good for soothing aches, pains and irritated, damaged skin. Eucalyptus Blue Gum has an uplifting and refreshing nature.


It is believed the first distillation of Euclyptus oil was made for testing purposes in 1789. The oil was sent from Australia to Britain to be used initially for medical purposes. Australia was the primary producer of the oil up until the end of World War Two when other countries entered into the marketplace.


Eucalyptus Blue Gum oil is steam extracted from the leaves and twigs, and is the most popular of the Eucalyptus oil varieties.

Reported Benefits

Respiratory problems
Reducing Fevers