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Awakening the laughing Buddha within. (By Joe Hoare and the Barefoot Doctor)


This book is a pioneering & unique blend of Taoism with the healing power of laughter. It helps you stay upbeat in a crazy world, so you live a rich, fulfilled, happy life on your own terms. It combines laughter readiness with laughter yoga, nls: natural laughter skills with laughter the best medicine. It is a story, a manual, and a guide to help you awaken your own laughing Buddha within and live a life of fulfillment and delight. By following the progressive set of simple exercises you boost your physical & emotional health, ease stress & depression, and develop an open-hearted connection with yourself and others.

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by Joe Hoare and the Barefoot doctor

joe hoare editedAbout Joe Hoare
I am a laughter coach. I have survived and thrived through crises, triumphs and disasters in both my personal and professional life. With this experience I help you reconnect with your zest for life, and live life fully on your own terms. I have 30 years experience in courses, conferences, team sessions, workshops, seminars, retreats, webinars, and one-to-one. My tool is zest for life. Whatever I do, I do it with energy, commitment and all my competence. These qualities underpin all my work.  Visit my website for more details.

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ISBN 9781300979470 Copyright Joe Hoare and The Barefoot Doctor (Standard Copyright Licence) Edition: First Edition Publisher: Joe Hoare and The Barefoot Doctor Published: 10 June 2013 Language: English Pages: 96 Binding: Perfect-bound PaperbackInterior Ink: Black & white Weight: 0.2 kg Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall


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