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Clarifying Shampoo 250ml


Rediscover your hair’s natural strengths.
On day one, our Clarifying Shampoo provides a deep clean without stripping the hair of natural moisturisers for renewed manageability. By day seven, hair actually feels stronger. Formulated with shea butter seedcake extract, this powerful cleanser attaches to build-up – including nicotine, chlorine and environmental pollutants – and washes away the signs of ageing. Your hair will feel clean, shiny and manageable after just one wash.

Product Description

Key Features

•    Cotton Bloom Extract – smoothes the cuticle, protects the keratin structure and moisturises naturally with seven actively synergistic oligosaccharides.
•    Shea Butter Seedcake Extract (butyrospermum parkii) – acts as a detoxifying agent to remove chlorine, heavy metals, nicotine, exhaust, gas and other environmental pollutants.
•    Nettle – cleanses hair and helps control sebum production.


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