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MUST READ|EDITOR’S BLOG by Nasilele Ailola|Another portion of Super Abundance Grace…..part 3!

This is part three of a review of Super Abundance Grace by Sandra Nelson.  Go back to part one by clicking here.>part 1<  Go to part 2.

As I kept reminding myself to stay strong, keep going and believe that I was loved, I remembered the true meaning of Grace. I began to feel blessed with this new founded grace. This same Grace enabled me to sing through my problems and dance in the rain! Grace made me wake up declare every day as a “good day!”

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Needless to say, a week after reading the book, I was in the housing office, on the verge of tears as I declared the situation of my impending eviction to a representative. We never even got to talk about the hostels or any solutions to my crisis, before I received the telephone call that declared the storm was over.  Right at the very moment that I thought I was about to declare myself desperate and seek refuge from the housing association because of the worrying backlog of money I was owed by working tax credits and various friends- the phone calls started rolling in!

My working tax credit application that had been rejected six times suddenly came through and I was paid a backdated lump sum and given a sincere apology from a representative.  I was able to pay my landlord back immediately and stop him in his tracks to evict me! Perfect timing! An unexpected friend suddenly got in touch asking for my bank details to deposit some cash.

Hallelujah, I could buy some food for my bare cupboards!

As I began to feel lifted, I was happy that I had let go of my anxiety and put my faith to work! The good things that were happening began to fuel me more. As I went about my daily activity, I did so with the desire for more grace. I am very familiar with the saying “What you put out you will receive back.” I thought if I walk with grace, then I will attract more grace…”

Grace has enabled me to share my thoughts and feelings on social media and continue updating my online magazine – NVLife.  Grace has motivated me to exercise my survival skills and employ my writing abilities to support the lives and businesses of others.  Day by day, the phone calls and email enquiries are rolling in with request for my copy writing services and various business solutions that my company Holistic Visions provides.  

I know now that it is not because of Sandra Nelson that I feel so full of hope and renewed faith. Her book has been a tool and so has she. However, the positive, life transforming words and actions of this woman are not her doing alone! It is because Sandra Nelson has been anointed by God that she can manage to touch the lives of so myself and others so amazingly!

All of this grace has kept me going. Many say that God will never ever forget you. I have to say, my faith has been ignited! I cannot declare that I will now be walking and talking in tongues! All I can say is that something super natural is occurring within me. I am so grateful to Sandra Nelson for her efforts in reminding me of God’s love for me! I am also grateful to God for endowing the Deaconess with the ability to enhance the lives of so many people in such a unique and special way that she does.

Many testimonials aside from my own, will reveal the miracles that take place as a result of Sandra Nelson’s events and the words within her book. Join her virtual book launch and be blessed!

I have observed Sandra Nelson and am truly inspired by the grace that she reveals not only in her words but also by her actions. 

When Sandra Nelson speaks, she does so with the glorious light of God shining from her heart….

You have to read her book and feel the essence of her words for yourself. Once you read this book, you will understand what it is to walk in ‘Super Abundant Grace.’ 

Feel it and observe it for yourself. Buy ‘Super Abundant Grace!’ 

This is part two of a review of ‘Super Abundance Grace’ by Sandra Nelson. Go back to part one by clicking here.>pSuper Abundance Grace BOOK

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For more details on the book, or purchase a copy visit amazon.


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A lady of many talents, not only is Sandra Nelson a qualified linguist (BA Linguistics),she is also a well established financial adviser (at a leading UK bank), a certified business analyst , a wonderful wife,a mother of two, an author of bestselling book “The Giant within Us”, transformational speaker,as well as a minister and the founder of LIFTEFFECTS.

For more information about Lift Effects events please visit the Facebook page where you can access Sandra directly or read the latest reviews of her  latest book; Super Abundance Grace.


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