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MIND AND SOUL|4 Effective ways to let go!

4 Effective ways to let go!

What are you holding on to right now that is potentially preventing you from moving forward in your life? Is there an event from the past that is weighing you down mentally? 

Is it a relationship that ended a long time ago? Maybe you are holding a grudge? Or maybe you are still waiting for a fantasy or a wish to come true? If you’ve been waiting, hoping, or holding on for so long that moving forward with your life has now become a challenge, it’s time to let go! You’ve got to move forward.

Why? Because the longer you hold on to the past, the longer it takes to move forward.

We all do it. We are human! We are full of hopes, dreams and expectations and we hold on because it feels important to us.  Sometimes it’s a relationship, or a friendship that broke down a long time ago, but we just can’t let go. It’s too painful, or there was a particular resolution we wanted.

Or maybe it’s a grudge that we hold onto. We were wronged, so we deserve justice, or to cause revenge.  So we hold on and carry heavy loads of emotions such as anger, regret, pain and memories which do nothing but weigh us down and keep us stuck in the same situation from the past.

What some people don’t realize is that by holding onto the past, they are running the serious risk of blocking something new from entering their lives. If your energy is full of old “stuff” from the past and the old is not serving a purpose in your life it becomes an anchor, weighing you down, holding you back, sometimes suffocating you and draining you of the energy it takes to achieve what you truly deserve. It might be hard at first if you’ve been holding on for so long but in order for you to attract what you truly deserve; you’ve got to let it go!

Here’s 4 ways that are sure to help set you free from whatever it is that you’re holding onto.


Learn to throw things away!

Clear your wardrobe, your house, your head and that space on your shoulders where you store all your stress. If you let go of irrelevant possessions and carry less “things” around, the journey of life will be easier. Just hold onto ONE thing- the present moment, let go of the past and the future.

Understand what freedom is

If you don’t want to be here (in whatever situation you are in, such as relationship, job, ect) then you are trapped. Be where you want to be, because as soon as you WANT to be here, you will be happy. Nobody traps or holds you back, except YOU. If you WANT to be here, you will feel peace and contentment. Even if you are incarcerated in a situation, through no choice, you can change your mental perception of the situation and created a freedom of the mind.

NO expectations!

GIVE and expect nothing in return. Too often we expect things back in return and that causes alot of pain and disappointment because our expectations have not been met. It’s a harsh reality, but this is life! Very few expectations are met. So lose them and enjoy GIVING in life, in relationships, your career and in the rest of your life. You will be more enlightened this way.

Make your mind a springboard!

Part of letting go is transforming your mindset. Learn to allow experiences, feelings, and thoughts come into your mind and slip right out. A ‘springboard’ is literally a bouncy board, from which ideas and thoughts can bounce from. So, to have a “Springboard Mind” is another way of saying, “let go of troubling thoughts that stick to your mind- let them bounce off!” The goal here is to stay in the present moment. Many have found that this is a way to cope with intense feelings. Distressing events and emotions easily become stuck in our consciousness but once in a while allow them to bounce off and see what happens!