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EVENT REVIEW|Lady Anita Duckworth Bradshaw sets the sail for 2015

‘Setting the Sail for 2015’ was hosted by Lady Anita Bradshaw Duckworth;- CEO of ‘Woman the Powerhouse’ and co-author of recent best seller, ‘The Journey Behind’. The business networking event promised to bring women together to learn the key essentials for preparing their lives and businesses for what lies ahead.

Jury’s Inn Hotel in Croydon was the place to be on Saturday 15th November, as the ‘Powerhouse Women’ took to the stage to share their personal stories; their challenges; successes and valuable the valuable lessons women can gain on the road to becoming an internationally recognised leader.

EVENTS Setting the sail

Speakers shared with delegates; information about their business services, vital tips on boosting sales, increasing client lists and building unity within a community. The delivery of each speaker was unique and informative.

Mary Ajoke’s lesson was on the clever use of social media and how she succeeded at creating multiple streams in her business. Her approachable, down to earth personality shone through as she joked about getting to grips with Pinterest!

Petrina Kamara’s presentation focused around moving on from bad situations and inviting opportunity into our lives. Adorned in her own jewellery designs and African attire, her creative skills were indeed appreciated by everybody she connected with.

Antonetta Fernandes led an extraordinary meditations session, before leading every woman onto their dancing feet to Rhianna’s track – shine bright like a diamond!

The unity and ‘girl power’ didn’t end there as Lindani Moyo  shared the ethos of her organisation Black African Women Rock; which is that women should lift each other up and encourage positivity and unity, so that we may all grow and shine together!

Another female empowerment specialist who enlightened delegates was Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel who is also known as ‘the woman of the XXI Century’ because of her specialist theory that all women can become best friends with their feminine cycle.

Every intention set out was achieved. Those who came to learn more about excelling their business were satisfied. Those who came to network established connections and everybody left with a full stomach and ample mind enhancing lessons to take away for life!

“Association matters- the quality of people in your circle makes all the difference. Where are your associates taking you to? Are they people with a passion and a purpose? You can get money back but you cannot get time back!” Says Lady Anita Duckworth Bradshaw.

Lady Anita Duckworth Bradshaw’s suited title of ‘ the Powerhouse Woman,’ describes her rather too well. She engaged the audience continuously with her hosting skills, as she introduced speakers and imparted her own personal wisdom to all. Her free coaching session was described as ‘gold dust’ ‘life transforming,’  ‘incredibly valuable for a business owner’ and also had every single delegate scribbling notes to take away for their journey.


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Lady Anita Duckworth Bradshaw wrapped up the event by giving exhibitors a chance to shine for 1 minute on stage, before retrieving the microphone to remind us that we can achieve those big hairy audacious goals. Using one of her many anecdotes, from ‘a wise old man’ Anita told delegates to- “start locally and think globally”. She said; “if we want to take our products and services to the world; we can! If we want to make ourselves recognisable, we can! However it takes setting goals and investing in expert support to save us time energy and money.”

Anita bookAbout Lady Anita Duckworth Bradshaw
Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw is the founder of La Proverbs Ltd and CEO of ‘Woman The PowerHouse.’ She is a woman with a passion for positive change and is committed to supporting individuals towards the path of discovering their full potential. She understands that, the ability to achieve greatness lies in every person, and sometimes all that is required is enlightenment,  guidance and support to become the very best. She is An accredited coach from The Coaching Academy UK, Author and PRINCE11 (Project Management) Certificate holder.

For more information about Anita, her books or her coaching services visit her Website- Woman The PowerHouse.

Buy her latest book: Anita Duckworth Bradshaw is the author and co-author of several books. Her latest release; ‘The Journey Behind’ is making press and circulating globally. You can purchase it now from amazon. For details of her other books, visit her website.