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For a long time whenever I was around “Church going folk”, I kept an invisible barrier between myself and them. Everything in me communicated “they cannot take my soul”. Even when I did accept a few of the many invites to attend their Church services, I would still be telling myself “not to let them take my soul”. You see, like a lot of people, life has thrust me into many painful situations and beaten me around so harshly. How could there be a God if I was so unhappy? Surely, the invisible, omnipotent force that many call GOD was just a fairy tale. Don’t get me wrong, I would never disrespect anybody’s religion. My point is just that like so many I lost faith in the entire belief system associated with religion…..

So when Sandra Nelson invited me to attend this “Special Ladies Conference”- promising to turn my business and my personal life around, I didn’t exactly jump at the chance! But because I had just started my business, knowing the conference was geared towards women who were at a crossroads in their personal life and business, I gave it some thought.  I also know Sandra to be a nice lady, so out of respect, I accepted her invitation.

Lady Totality Flyer

In my mind, I wasn’t at all convinced that this conference called Lady in Totality was going to create drastic change for me.  Sandra Nelson is an ordained Deaconess within her Church – so it goes without saying; the entire event would have a copious amount of “Church” involved! Never the less, I thought, even if they do try to “force me God on me”  I can always just take any business advice available, network a bit and run! 

However, it didn’t go down like that…

From the moment I walked into the Lady in Totality Conference, the place was filled with this strange and unfamiliar ambience. If I am totality honest, I will tell you it freaked me out a bit! I guess the atmosphere was full of what they call the “Holy Spirit.” Every woman came for a personal and specific reason. I could see the wanting and longing in some of the faces of the congregation. Some had come to be blessed because they were in so much despair over their careers and finances. Others had come because they were searching for a blessing to erase the despair of a broken relationship. Each and every woman came with an expectation.

Like any other church service, we sang, prayed and “worshiped the Lord.”  Out of respect and also because I am familiar with meditation and prayer, I closed my eyes and spoke my own prayer in the hope that it may be answered…

Lady T9

There were several testimonials by women, stating they had experienced God’s favour.  As each woman revealed her own unique story, each had a different miracle to share but they all had one vital aspect in common. Every woman revealed that it was only after they had come into contact with Sandra Nelson and her organisation- Lift Effects that their lives had began to transform positively.

I listened intently, thinking to myself “how can one woman have been the reason that these women went from despair to such inner peace and joy?” Could it be that they were idolising Sandra?  I could not fathom how every single testimonial from each woman was in reference to this “woman of God” who had lead them to the word of God and therefore brought so much favour to their lives.

My skepticism was at it’s peak but as the testimonials kept flowing in, one after the other – each story full of transformation, personal victory, triumph over adversity; all coveted with the firm belief that God had played a hand in each occurrence.  As I listened intently, my emotions were set alight and something quite explainable began to take place within me.

Each woman spoke of attending the previous conferences and walking out of the door to return home to miracles that very day! Sick people had been healed. Those who were penniless and feeling hopeless suddenly found themselves in new business ventures and jobs!

The story which really made the hairs on my neck stand up was about the woman who had tried for several years to conceive a baby and was told to give up. However, as she stood on stage holding her beautiful little baby girl, with tears in her eyes to tell the audience how she had finally been blessed; we wept with her for joy!
This indeed was the modern day version of Hannah. (The pious and prayerful woman who was barren for many years, before God blessed her with a son).


NO! These women were testifying and speaking their truths! However, because I was so filled with this un-explainable resistance and fear of what was taking place, I could not allow myself to be fully immersed into the happenings that were taking place. I was just too frozen with my own dark inner fears to allow  this invisible force to enter my body…

No! I was overwhelmed. I was confused. I was scared…..What was happening to me in this place of God? Was the Spirit of the Lord entering my body? Was there darkness inside me stopping me from stepping towards the stage to receive a blessing from the “Women of God” who had come to preach the Gospel on that day? I was frozen, I was in disbelief and I was full of mixed emotions about my own personal woes and walk in faith. Needless to say, I excused myself and left before the end of the service. As you will see from the few images captured, I was too mesmerized to even focus on what I had come to do – take photos!

My initial assumption was right. I did not receive any business “advice”. I did not network with any professionals. What I received is very complex and uneasy to explain!  The best way to describe it is to compare it to the flame of a candle that was once unlit.  Thank you Deaconess Sandra.  The flame of my candle has been set alight and many questions that I thought were unanswered are now revealing themselves to me daily. I do not know the word for this revelation…you told us every woman that they would leave with something. I guess I did. I suppose, I shall have to read your book “Super Abundance Grace” in order to fully understand and be able to explain what this feeling/knowledge or revelation is!

A friend who also read the book suggested that I have been struck by ‘the touch of Jesus Christ’ page 25 of Super Abundance Grace Explains this….. Buy the book here…

By Nasilele Ailola


sandra bio pic

A lady of many talents, not only is Sandra Nelson a qualified linguist (BA Linguistics),she is also a well established financial adviser (at a leading UK bank), a certified business analyst , a wonderful wife,a mother of two, an author of bestselling book “The Giant within Us”, transformational speaker,as well as a minister and the founder of LIFTEFFECTS.

For more information about Lift Effects events please visit the Facebook page where you can access Sandra directly or read the latest reviews of her  latest book; Super Abundance Grace.


I might have left before the end but the event was beautiful…look at the women full of joy as they each received a piece of what they came to receive.

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