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EDITOR’S BLOG|Go for gold with a great mentor like Pauline Long!

rainydayinjulyI suppose the rain and fresh dose of cold weather has confirmed that winter is officially here! However, I refuse to let the blues set in this year. I have my eye on a S.A.D light for when it gets dark and depressing and I intend on keeping myself busy and positive.

October has set in, Christmas is around the corner- (sorry for the reminder to those who didn’t want one! ) I am blessed that all of the hard work on NVLife Magazine, the project 100 challenge and my other business ventures are all bringing lots of amazing opportunities. One of the best opportunities that I gained was a mentor. Every successful business person has always stated the importance in getting a mentor with the right knowledge and experience to guide you when you start a business. The reason that a mentor is a key ingredient in the recipe of success is because you are provided with the opportunity to have an expert on hand to answer all of your questions, point you in the right direction and motivate you. If you are lucky enough to meet the right mentor and use the lessons well, it can open multiple doors for you and your business.

The new mentor I was blessed with is very established in the media, with tons of experience in writing for magazines, she also presents her own TV show and is the founder of one of Britain’s largest televised awards shows for entertainment, fashion and arts. I am extremely privileged that Pauline Long has taken it upon herself to share with me; her wealth of knowledge and motivate me in achieving my goals with NVLife and other projects.

PaulineAs a mentee, I’ve had the privilege of attending various events such as the Miss Black Africa Pageant and awards, The Back2Black Awards show; which was held at BAFTA and also met so many interesting business associates. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to Lady Pauline Long for giving me her time with the generosity of her heart.

From the many valuable lessons I have learnt so far from Pauline, I shall hold onto her advice to; “Live every day as if it is your last and take a role in Youth leadership.”
Through every project associated to NVLife Magazine, I will most certainly “lead the youth” by sharing positive examples of success and continuing to promote empowerment.

On the NVLife Events Calender, we have a ton of action lined up. We are looking forward to attending the BEFFTA awards  on the 24th and 25th October at the Hippodrome. This will be the place to be seen and the place to spot all the leading talent of 2014’s fashion, arts, music and film industry.

Upcoming Events

It’s Mental Health Week. Out of the many National Holidays and special remembrance days, this one is very often over looked- just like the issue is a lot of the time. In order to help us all open up about Mental Health and Support those in need, the organisation; Defying Mental Illness will be holding a workshop tomorrow (Saturday 11th October) at Croydon Conference Center. Please do come and share your experience and knowledge, or just listen and learn. There are a few tickets still left. Here is the link.
I am excited to hear the story of Eze Onah and how he overcame Mental illness after an 18 year battle. I am currently reading a book written by his wife; Andrea Zoe Onah (Co Founder of Defying Mental Illness). You can purchase your own copy of the book here.

Before I go, I wish to encourage everybody to be positive in all circumstances and hold on to faith. It is important that as we strive for our purpose, we “Go for Gold” and “Live each day as if it were our last.”

As I mentioned before, investing in a good S.A.D light will help ease those winter blues.

Love and light- Nasilele

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